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Jay Bagri The Main Man & Founder

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Anushree Bajaj CFO & Co Founder

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Kashif Hussain Head –Offline Expansion

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Rajiv Bordoloi Sales Head-North

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Punit Shani Sales Head-South

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Sachin Khutwad Sales Head-West

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Anmol Baid Chief Communications Officer

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Sananya Datta Content Developer and Editor

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Emtiaz Ahmed Tech Support

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Shristi Dhurka Kasera Graphic Designer & Parental Advisor

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Sankalp Kukal Artist

Jay Bagri

The Main Man & Founder

The main man at The Dorm Shop, what he does is still pretty ambiguous. His biggest contribution has been to assemble this awesome team together. A mechanical engineer from Drexel, he stuck to the engineering profession for a short while before setting up The Pamposh (Budget Hotel, Delhi) and Kolkata Movietone (Film Studio, Kolkata), he is now obsessively involved with every aspect of The Dorm Shop.

Being a mechanical engineer, he prefers all aspects of the company to run like a well-oiled machine, and we strongly believe that he will be behind our backs till we turn into robots. When he’s not annoying us he is seen doing the same to people at the gym, home, bar…actually everywhere!

Anushree Bajaj

CFO & Co Founder

Anushree, a finance major from Cass Business School, London was working for evil corporations for a very long time, handling debt syndication and private equity transactions. She took over the finances of The Dorm Shop in October 2015 and turned our dreams and aspirations into numbers and figures.

Whenever she is not on a budget-cutting spree for us, she is probably on a shopping spree!

Kashif Hussain

Head –Offline Expansion

Kashif a self-renowned franchising guru, has helped several brands franchise their business in India and Middle East. At The Dorm Shop, Kashif is responsible for ordering desserts for everyone and starting campus stores. His previous work experience includes, the Laundry Box, BG Cleaning and Sparkle Minds.

Extreme food addict by nature Kashif has lost over 10 kgs since he began his stint with The Dorm Shop, due to stringent budgets set by Anushree for desserts!

Rajiv Bordoloi

Sales Head-North

Rajiv was the first to join The Dorm Shop team and now handles all collaborations of North. Putting forth the dorm shop concept, proposal to the top management of the institution and maintaining a great pr all through out with our key accounts is his forte. He is a pro in developing and maintaining account relations at all levels, handling and driving overall marketing and sales campaigns for the region.

A mechanical engineer by default who has never tried any core engineering other than the 4 years of his college satisfied his soul by qualifying as project manager from IIT Delhi. Rajiv is a born enthusiast and voracious reader.

A food lover by nature,Rajiv always likes to associate himself with food either by eating anytime or cooking anything. Currently his wife, daughter,sister and niece are the only members of his food fan club. He dreams of having a sea beach bar and café with a cottage to stay someday when he retires.

Punit Sahni

Sales Head-South

Punit is a start-up player in the education space. He brings with him over 10 years of sales experience. Based out of Bengaluru his job is to bring education Institutions on board. A Management graduate he eats and drinks sales! His key skills are market creation and market development.

Beyond work he is an enthusiast traveler, thinks he’s a need for speed character, and always believes he would be a better host at NDTV highway on a plate!

Sachin Khutwad

Sales Head-West

Sachin is spreading the roots of The Dorm Shop in the western region. Being a father of two and a degree in economics taught him to pay attention to detail. He loves strategic planning and conceptualization.

Sachin loves to read autobiographies of great leaders and we strongly believe that someday he will end up writing one of his own !

Anmol Baid

Chief Communications Officer

Anmol is a journalism and mass communications student, passionate about desserts, after writing obviously!As the Chief Communication Officer, she looks after content and communications and handles the intern program. When not studying or researching, she can be found reading till the day’s end. There is an avid traveller within her who also paints and falls in love with fictional characters. A die-hard optimist and secret poet she is workaholic who admires leaders. Her favourite date spot is an edX course and she hearts John Cena. Check out her website here.

P.S. - Don't be mislead by her name, she's the female version of homo sapiens.

Sananya Datta

Content Developer and Editor

Sananya joined The Dorm Shop in February 2016 as a content editor and developer. A socially selective individual, she is a post-graduate in media science with specialization in print and cyber media. Sananya hates maths, but loves logic. A self-confessed nerd, she would have been a millionaire by now if she was paid a penny for every book she has read. Life is simple for her as long as good food, good books and movies where the dog doesn’t die exists in the world. She dreams of a cottage in the hills with a rocking chair, glass of wine and good book in her hand. Occasionally she remembers that she has a blog and pens down her musings in an odd post. Meanwhile in reality you can find her in

Emtiaz Ahmed

Tech Support

Emtiaz is our missing link between the Tech and the Non Tech. Being bombarded by questions all day he interprets the tech gibberish to meaningful sentences. We all strongly believe he is in a relationship with his computer!

Shristi Dhurka Kasera

Graphic Designer & Parental Advisor

Shristi is our designated Graphic Designer and parental advisor

Just so you know: She is a Wife. A Mom. A Designer, all by profession, making her a lethal combination to approach when her son is all cranky. She is a self confessed “health freak” (lol), and always on a diet, however loosing weight doesn’t seem like her forte!!!

Sankalp Kukal


Artist. Weirdo. Vegetarian Punjabi!

Someone asked him, "How odd are you?"
He said, "As an artist I have the right to be odd and at constant war with the world."

Someone asked, "What is art?"
He said, "I dip the brush into my soul and paint my own nature into pictures.."

Panshul Tyagi

Shiv Nadar University

Mechanical Engineer. 21. Foodie. Die Hard GOT Fan. Besides being a self proclaimed nerd, Panshul loves travelling. He loves interacting with people and making new friends. Music and food are the only love of his life. No matter how grungy the club or how terrible the DJ, Panshul will always be out in the middle of the dance floor dancing like an insane. He believes that he is too rad to be sad.
P.S: He couldn't write any more pretentious crap about himself. 

Ayush Sharma

Narsee Monjee College of Commerce & Economics

Ayush Sharma of House Sharma, the First of His name. Well this introduction makes it clear how big a Game of Thrones fan I am but Friends will still always be my First Love and Suits my first inspiration. I'd like to someday see myself as a hedge fund manager with billions in net worth and till then I'd like to see myself work in innumerable start ups and learning along the way. Having a fauji dad doesn't mean having to wake up at 6 in the morning but being an NM student does still I absolutely love my sleep. My idea of a day off when not travelling means sleeping, eating and having a friend’s marathon.

Upasana Banerjee

Vellore Institute of Technology

If you see someone walking around with earphones on, singing songs, drinking Mountain dew, walking like Charlie Chaplin, making doggy faces on snapchat and doing all this at the same time that would be me. Upasana Banerjee. Coder. Actor. Half an engineer. Procrastinator. Backpack Traveller. Bathroom singer. Nomad. My life's motto is Experiment, Fail, Learn, Repeat.

Samiya Mehkri

IBS Business School, Bangalore

Currently pursuing my 2nd year PGPM from IBS Bangalore and specializing in Marketing& communications. An enthusiastic and a passionate individual always looking forward to experimenting.   Ambition is what drives me every day to strive harder in life. Coming from Hyderabad, I'm a big foodie and love adventures. I've been a national level badminton player and represented Andhra Pradesh at several occasions which has shaped my personality to a great extent.

Ananya Khare

National Institute of Fashion Technology

Textile designer by profession, dreamer as a person. Exploring my eccentricity all along the way.

Chirag Bariya

IIT Kharagpur

Hi everyone, I am Chirag Bariya, Just completed my 3rd year in Electronics at IIT Kharagpur. For me, the world is a mysterious place where mysteries unfold each and every moment and that's exciting isn't it.
Big Bollywood and comic book fan, a quiet person at times. Part of the media body here and very much involved in the policy making bodies. Well, it's just that I am lazy and busy at the same time and just can't stay out of a messy situation. And that's the reason I think am always keen on doing something adventurous, creative and have a wide interest in a lot of fields. 

Vasu Sharma

College of Engineering, Roorkee

Vasu is from the city of sports, Meerut (U.P). He is a Computer Science Engineer from College of Engineering Roorkee 2016 batch. He believes in the fact that “Nothing makes an Engineer more productive, than the Last Minute” and follows it on a strict basis. When not busy with the money making process of life, he enjoys immersing himself in interesting experience be it running Marathons, Sky-Diving in Pondicherry, Scuba-Diving in Singapore or sleeping for a record breaking 24hours. Wanderlust and fitness freak by nature, Vasu is passionate about swimming and skating. Flamboyant and Overambitious will be the two right words to describe him. He runs on caffeine, sarcasm, adventure, hard work, and inappropriate thoughts.

Upasana Ray

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

18. Studying Law. Trekking enthusiast. TOTAL outdoor person. Done with freshman year.
 P.S. You are my person if you love animals. 

Sunidhi Kant

Amity University

I am a people oriented person. I am a creative writer. I am passionate about celebrating things. New things amaze me – birthday bashes are all about for me too plan early and surprise people. I am a singer and my audience damage their eardrums in an attempt to listen to me sing. I am too tough on life – I can live without eating for many weeks (so much reservoir of fat I have) and I have a big memory for rhymes too!

Sanskriti Tarkar

Manipal School of Communication

Mass communication student at Manipal School of communication. A hardcore foodie who eats for the taste buds and not for the tummy.  AKA The Crazy cat woman, sometimes. I live travelling and I wish I were tall enough to ride my own bike. Budapest and Brussels are my dream cities for their beauty and chocolates respectively. I swear by Coldplay and Nutella and am a huge horror movie enthusiast. I love trekking on hills as much as I love beaches, sunsets and shores.  Life goal!?  To land with a job that makes sure I always have my travel bag packed and ready to go for different climates and time zones also pays for my tickets

Vishal Wankhede

Sinhgad Institute of Management

I am Vishal Nandkishore Wankhede from Gadchiroli(one may not know this place) hence I end up saying that I stay at Chandrapur. Currently pursuing my post graduation in MBA with marketing specialization from Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune. I have done my graduation, in mechanical engineering. At present I am working as summer intern with The Dorm Shop. Very much passionate about music. Always on Insane mode, crazy for movies and road trips. Have got attitude but for special people only.

Sahil Jain

Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

With personality swings ranging in striking conversations from the silliest of topics of why HRITHIK ROSHAN SHOULD NOT EXIST to the deepest of conversations of how the world is so perfectly balanced to give every LIFE ON EARTH A PURPOSE to live I make sure my friends keep rolling. An avid reader with a knick for psychology. I swear by Dale Carnegie. A true DC COMICS fan at heart. A challenge on QUIZ Up, anyone? (PS: Marvel movies are good though, I can give you that.)

Anirudh Rao

Ashoka University

I am a big foodie- where there is food there is Anirudh. I like taking pictures, and I love travelling. I play squash and the most I'v read is a Tinkle-I dont read books. I love economics but I'm really bad at math. I love singing. I also love leadership and planning. I love tasks, but hate deadlines-however,I work better with them. I love the feeling we get right after sneezing, and I hate the feeling we get when we are getting used to without the fan and the electricty just comes back. I am reserved but if you get to know me, I'd never stop talking and you will regret that moment you spoke to me becuase you dint want me to feel like a loner.